Freshness of the past

My name is Fie and I'm the founder of Greater Mini mart. I often write "we" about Greater, but it's just me/I. Just think "we" sounds better ... and who knows - Greater might grow and more people will join the party :)

I live with my family in Copenhagen, Denmark. As I gave birth to my son, I started to look for clothes he could wear. I struggled to find items that I liked, despite the insanely amount of new children's clothes available.

I was born in '88, so I grew up during the 90's, when hip hop, rnb and cool kids dominated the picture. It was a time of materialism, huge capitalism, very early beginnings of the internet, Nintendo etc. And people were spending carelessly, also why there is a lot of vintage goodies to be found from that time.

Greater Mini mart curates vintage clothing inspired by the golden age of fashion: The 90’s.

I love the freshness of that era and want to bring back that flavour to the kids of today. I mean, why not dress your kid like a West Coast rapper from 1992?

As much as I love finding these forgotten treasures, I also love the thought of not bringing more clothing into our world. We have enough kids’ clothing, so let’s bring back the freshness of the past and keep our planet happy.

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